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How do you cook your nachos?
Over 9000 Collab PD I_vote_lcap44%Over 9000 Collab PD I_vote_rcap
 44% [ 8 ]
Oven (fan forced)
Over 9000 Collab PD I_vote_lcap22%Over 9000 Collab PD I_vote_rcap
 22% [ 4 ]
Over 9000 Collab PD I_vote_lcap6%Over 9000 Collab PD I_vote_rcap
 6% [ 1 ]
Other (I don't see how else one could cook nachos)
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 28% [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 18
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 Over 9000 Collab PD

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XD Akuma
Sergeant Major of the Army
XD Akuma

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Age : 22
Location : Youtube, DarkDemon, Here. In short. The internet.

Over 9000 Collab PD Empty
PostSubject: Over 9000 Collab PD   Over 9000 Collab PD I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 24, 2010 7:53 am

STOP before you continue you must meet the following requirements
1. You must be an animator low beginner intermediate doesn't matter
2. You must be able to read
3. You must have flash or pivot (version doesn't matter)

Now that that's over the Over 9000 collab will be for FUN PURPOSES only there will be no prize if you make first place. Now obviously this collab has to do with the number 9000 if you wish you can use audio or text in the animation. This is purely about animating and funny stuff cursing is allowed. The animation MUST have the words "OVER 9000" caps lower case doesn't matter the judges will be decided shortly after someone allows me in the chat box to discuss this. Keep it PG-13 people i know some of you have some funny ideas that would sure make me lmfao but so that everyone can participate and view other peoples posts during the end of the collab we must keep it PG-13. In your animation the following things cannot be said or done.
1. Racial discrimination within your joke
2. Stereotypes will be allowed
3. Copy other peoples work
4. And finally forgetting to post your entry to youtube/PD and getting mad after the due date

Speaking of the due date it will be arranged between me justin kwts and zed. That is all for now keep an eye out for updates on the Over 9000 Collab. All animations shall be posted on youtube after the due date so mark your work!
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Angel Of Death

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Over 9000 Collab PD Empty
PostSubject: Re: Over 9000 Collab PD   Over 9000 Collab PD I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 24, 2010 10:06 am

Like I said on the last Collab I commented on, this will most likely not work. Good luck though.

Over 9000 Collab PD Untitled-3

Over 9000 Collab PD 49429577
Over 9000 Collab PD Minecraftz
Awarded the win of the day 2/6/09 ~Kwts
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Over 9000 Collab PD
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